About Us


Hi, I'm Dimitri, founder of GlowingFaith! 


My story begins on a sun-drenched day in Tinos, a Greek island bathed in spirituality.

There, in the shadow of the iconic Church of Mary of Tinos, I discovered my calling. Amidst ancient mosaics and flickering candles, I felt a deep connection between art and faith. Each sculpture and painting told a sacred story, filling the air with a sense of peace.


It was an awakening - a realization that religious decor could be more than symbols; they could be storytellers in our homes. Returning from Tinos, I carried with me a vision: to blend the sanctity of religious art with modern living.

And so, GlowingFaith was born.

Our mission? To bring you closer to the divine through art that speaks to the soul. Our collection of religious 3D LED sculptures isn't just about illumination; it's about creating a sanctuary in your space. Every piece we offer is a testament to faith, crafted to inspire.

At GlowingFaith, we're more than a store - we're a journey into the heart of devotion, a bridge between the ancient and the now. Thank you for being part of this journey.

Together, let's bring the light of faith into our lives.


Warm regards,